Each Member has Each Character – WRAP-TECH’s Style.Two is better than one, three is better than two. Working with members who have knowledge, experience, and skill, leads to great work. “Small number of elite” is our policy .

member of  WRAP-TECH






Advance Eight アドバンスエイト

中 本 宏 平  Kohei Nakamoto : a.k.a " Kohei "

 Kohei's representative of Advance Eight which is top-level dress up shop in Tokyo. His work focuses on making the car more stunning and is very detailed.
 Coodinating both, exterior, wheels, car height, brakes, and muffler and interior makes a perfect and well balanced car.

〒152-0022 東京都目黒区柿の木坂2-4-7
TEL : 03-6421-1417 Mail : 
2-4-7 Kakinokizaka Meguro Tokyo 152-0022, Japan 



Crystal Cars クリスタルカーズ

志 村 雅 裕  Masahiro Shimura : a.k.a " Masahiro "

 He's serching for what is the newest and what end users want. The multi innstaller, car detailing, window film, then car wrapping, can install ClearPlex with high quality technique too. His knowledge and experience is heartening when people ask about surface preparation, customization, and after car. As a result he become poplar installer whole in Japan.

〒243-0303 神奈川県愛甲郡愛川町中津601-18
TEL : 046-285-3338 Mail : info@bling-bling.jp
601-18 Nakatsu Aikawamachi Aikougun Kanagawa 243-0303, Japan 




栗 原 史  Fuhito Kurihara : a.k.a " Kuri-san "

 Fuhito Kurihara is a specialist for architecture film and car wrapping film. Both films are completely different, but his polished skills and knowledges make it possible to wrap these films for sure.
 Even car wrapping films glow very fast, he makes many arts by mixing his various know-how and techniques.

〒232-0006 神奈川県横浜市南区南太田4-40-3
TEL : 045-711-2589
4-40-3 Minamiota Minami-ku Yokohama-city Kanagawa 232-0006, Japan 



P.G.D ピージーディー

大 塚 真  Shin Otsuka : a.k.a " Shin "  / 戸 井 康 人  Yasuhito Toi : a.k.a " Toi "

  日本におけるカーラッピングとその認知度向上に初期段階から積極的に取り組んでいる「P.G.D」。 斬新であり、そしてフィルムのことを知り尽くしているからこそできるデザインで注目の車両を生み出すだけでなくイベントへの出展、雑誌とのタイアップ企画、さらには国内外でのパフォーマンスなどを行い、その名前はFacbookなどのソーシャル・メディアを通じて世界でも注目される存在です。
 "P.G.D" has been contributing to raise car wrapping up since its initial stage. Because they know about films thoroughly their design is flesh and new. They exhibit and perform at some events and their nme is well known around the world. Always these two try to make something new. It's exaggeration to say they are trend leader!

〒427-0111 静岡県島田市坂本1653-13
TEL : 0547-38-3416 Mail : info@pgd-wraps.com
1653-13 Sakamoto Shimada-city Shizuoka 427-0111, Japan 



rinda Factory リンダファクトリー

林 田 優 希  Yuki Hayashida : a.k.a " Rinda-man "

 He experience dor wrapping is 10-years and he is one of the hottest young wrappers. The Spring "RINDA FACTORY"built clean install booth. Because custom and maintenance factory is established together with his shop, professional staffs install and remove the parts of the car. Being able to do all process for wrapping are in one place.

〒571-0002 大阪府門真市岸和田3-45-23
TEL : 072-887-7333 Mail : rinda.factory@gmail.com
3-45-23 Kishiwada Kadoma-city Osaka 571-0002, Japan 



S and Company エスカン estuthアンドカンパニーー

佐 々 谷 卓  Takashi Sasayani : a.k.a " Sasa-young "

"S&Company" gathers super-cars, and is leading customize scene in Japan. He takes charge of wrapping and protection film as a film professional and support its progress.
 By dividing some part of jobs like paints, installing and removing parts, speedy and safety work in possible.

〒570-0043 大阪府守口市南寺方東通3-15-17
TEL : 06-6992-0003 Mail : info@s-company.jp
3-15-17 Minamiterakata-Higashidori Moriguchi-city Osaka 570-0043, Japan